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Hello, I’m Jade Scott!

Osteopath, Passionate Leader, World-class Speaker.

“Leadership does not mean you have to be 100% certain; it is having the courage to act during the most uncertain times. Step up, show up, and others will too. Be a voice, not an echo; a comforting face amongst the unknown. Be brave enough to make the first move, and strong enough to see it through. Making the hard decisions in times of economic disruption is where the best leaders thrive, because it is where the foundations of the future are built.”

For all enquiries including media interviews, keynote speaker opportunities, or corporate leadership development and consultancy, please contact me via the form below. I also invite all allied health professionals and students globally to join my Facebook Group and Facebook Page. Here, you can establish connections and find valuable information that’s ‘worth knowing’ in allied health. 

About Me

I am a Leadership Coach and Founder & CEO of GrowthRx, a consulting and education company that designs and implements customised professional development, leadership services and courses to organisations and individuals.

I am also an experienced Osteopath, Business Strategist, Keynote Speaker & Clinic Owner for an incredible team of professionals at Western Region Health. More recently, I have extended my qualifications to become a Certified Psychometric DISC Consultant, and Team Performance Advisor to over 500+ Australian Health Professionals and Private Practice Business Owners. 

Through a wealth of experience from studies at Harvard Business School to Melbourne University and the creation of GrowthRx, a worldwide Allied Health Community, I bring to you the best in Clinical Leadership and Education. I have recently been awarded the prestigious Alumni Award in Service Excellence at Victoria University for my work in mentoring and guiding the next generation of healthcare practitioners; a passion I hope to continue for years to come.  

“My mission is to create more world class leaders in healthcare — to inspire others to do better and be better across all facets of life so we can thrive. I look forward to providing you with information ‘Worth Knowing’ that allows you to continue to grow as the best practitioner you can be. Let’s do this.”

Where it started.

From a young age, I’ve had a ‘never give up’ attitude and believed in the power of optimism. In fact, positivity has helped me through some of the greatest challenges of my life, including overcoming a brain tumour just hours after my daughter was born.

As an adult, my optimistic attitude has enabled me to remain resilient, and it’s helped to underpin my business success. I’m passionate about sharing the lessons I’ve learned along the way, and am dedicated to building positive connections with people.

As someone who genuinely cares about people and their wellbeing, a career in healthcare was a natural progression for me. Today, I have the privilege of mentoring allied health practitioners at every stage of their career to #dobetterbebetter.

Championing Allied Health

As an osteopath and allied health leader – I understand the journey from practitioner to business owner. In fact, as the owner of Western Region Health, I know first-hand what’s involved in successfully operating multiple allied health clinics. Throughout my time in-practice, I’ve also had the ability to create meaningful change and innovation within allied health, by championing a reinvention of our traditional ‘fee for service’ model.

As a former lecturer at Victoria University for eight years, I’ve had the great fortune of guiding the next generation of osteopaths in Australia. It’s one of my goals to provide professional mentoring opportunities and clearer professional pathways for new graduates in osteopathy.

On a personal level, I’m committed to lifelong learning, and have completed post-graduate studies focused on professional leadership, strategic growth and business coaching. I recently completed the Authentic Leadership Development course at Harvard University, and now I’m excited to share these learnings with the GrowthRx community through my signature leadership programs.

The GrowthRx Community

As you may know, GrowthRx is a platform that connects Australia’s allied health professionals with authentic leadership resources. Having strong leadership skills has given me the courage to embrace change at every stage of my life – rather than fear the unknown. In fact, you’ll often find the best leaders are also the ones who practice followership. 

With the help of GrowthRx, my intention is to inspire and empower allied health professionals to do better and be better, so that we can thrive. Our supportive network of like-minded professionals has one important, common goal — exceptional growth and development.

Together, our mission is to help one another create thriving workplaces, positive cultures and high-performing teams. When you surround yourself with brilliant people, remarkable things happen. There is no greater legacy we can leave than to be remembered for the services we have provided to others. 

I have created this community because you matter to me – and helping and connecting others so that your true potential can be reached matters to me. Let’s #DoBetterBeBetter together!

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