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We need more “She-E-Os”

When a woman wants to progress in her career, her path is riddled with obstacles that a man simply will not face. In so many instances in history, we see the typical embodiment of a “leader” as someone who portrays ‘agentic’ traits…

7 Things To Look For In A Great Employer

The job market for physiotherapists is booming. In countries such as the United States and Canada, physical therapy is listed in the top 25 professions. The aging population and a shift towards active health care has also created a large demand for physical therapy...

The fish rots from the head? What about leading from the roots up instead?

As a leader, it is easy to act ethically in times that we are thriving physically, emotionally and financially. When things are going the way, we think and feel they “should” be going. This isn’t one of those times. A black swan event is one that is unforeseen,...

What about the well-being of leaders?

In 2018, Bupa global research revealed that 64% of business leaders have suffered from mental health conditions, including anxiety, stress and depression – work was regularly cited as a key contributing factor. We leaders tend to have an exaggerated view that we can...

What is your leadership metaphor?

Metaphors are a way to rapidly understand a leader’s beliefs and ideas about what they deem to be positive, authentic leadership. The language a leader uses provides evidence about what has been infused into their deep sub-conscious. This drives their thoughts,...

Meet Our Rising-Star & GRx Leader, Jeffrey Rufila

It’s no surprise with recent events we are seeing more people out and about trying to distract themselves from their new reality.

Meet Our Rising-Star & GRx Leader, Louise Bibby

It’s no surprise with recent events we are seeing more people out and about trying to distract themselves from their new reality.

Meet Our GRx Rising-Star Finalists 2020

Over the past few months GrowthRx have been observing, watching and searching for the next ‘up-and-coming’ leaders in healthcare. After months of competitive nominations, these incredible emerging leaders have joined our short-list of inspiring young individuals ‘Worth Knowing’ in allied health.

We are proud to introduce you to this year’s finalists and their passion for helping others…

Burn Out or Cop-Out?

It’s no surprise with recent events we are seeing more people out and about trying to distract themselves from their new reality.

Forget Weekend Warrior, Here Comes the Age of the Isolation Warrior

It’s no surprise with recent events we are seeing more people out and about trying to distract themselves from their new reality.

How I Became A ‘Gratitudist’

“You could have 6 weeks to live… this mass is growing at a dangerously rapid rate.” These were the haunting words of my neurologist 48 hours after giving birth to your first child.

The Gratitudist

A gratitudist sees opportunity, rather than risk or elation. A challenge, rather than fear or ease. Room for improvement, rather than limitations. Constructive criticism, rather than judgement or falling on deaf ears.

Meet Our GrowthRx Leaders

Heath Williams - Osteopath

Heath currently lectures Exercise Prescription/Rehabilitation at Victoria University and is a sessional lecturer at Southern Cross University. Heath also consults as IME (Worksafe Victoria) and is an assessor for Australian Osteopathic Accreditation Council.

Connect with Heath on LinkedIn


Michelle Bergeron - Physiotherapist

Leading the way in education, voluntary service and rehabilitation.
Through her vast experience teaching seminars for allied health professionals, together with her work at The Australian Ballet and Melbourne Football Club.

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn


Dr Nic Lucas - Osteopath

A globally revered keynote speaker, coach and consultant, he has sold millions of dollars of online courses, physical products and software. He is also an Amazon Best Selling Author and launched a Number 1 podcast on iTunes.

Connect with Nic on LinkedIn


Stephen King - Osteopath & Physio

Through global courses, online education, and a ripping podcast, Stephen has trained over 5000+ professionals around the world to achieve better patient outcomes using their incredible evidence – based treatment, and objective data method

Connect with Stephen on LinkedIn


Luke Nelson - Chiropractor

Luke is forever giving up his time to educate and mentor others; he has a huge smile and an even bigger personality. Humble in his approach, he is always looking to shift credit to his wonderful colleagues.

Connect with Luke on LinkedIn


Brendan Mouatt - Exercise Physiologist

Brendan is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Director at The Biomechanics Clinical Practice in Melbourne, an educator and director at The Knowledge Exchange and a researcher at The Body in Mind Research Group at UniSA in Adelaide, Australia.

Connect with Brendan on LinkedIn

Michelle Funder - Osteopath

President of Osteopathy Australia. With a natural flare for public speaking, Michelle has been a valuable representative on the OA Conference Panel and at the RMIT Health Awards.

Connect with Michelle on LinkedIn

Peter Flynn - Physiotherapist

Peter is an award-winning business owner and actively involved in postgraduate education as a clinic mentor and support for many graduates as they transition into private practice.

Connect with Peter on LinkedIn

Raj Suppiah – Physiotherapist
Co-Founder and Director of Foundation Physiotherapy & Wellness. Raj has worked with athletes of all levels across the world and was a lead medical practitioner for the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games.

Connect with Raj on LinkedIn

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Meet Our Founder and Allied Health’s Fearless Leader – Jade Scott

Jade Scott is a leading identity within Australia’s allied health community who has mentors practitioners at every stage of their career. Having successfully established a number of osteopathy clinics in Victoria, known collectively as Western Region Health, Jade recognised an opportunity to create meaningful change and innovation within the Allied Health Industry.

Jade championed a reinvention of the traditional ‘fee for service’ model that currently supports the income 35 staff an a payroll of over 1.3 million. With this in mind, she has been at the forefront of the corona virus threat. Her knowledge extends across all remuneration platforms from employment, contractors, rental agreements and sole traders and HR implications that may affect most. 

Jade’s expertise lies in business consulting and strategic implementation. She specialises in cultural change and has supported over 135 Private Practices and another 500+ Osteopaths through her post-graduate education and courses. She was also a lecturer at Victoria University for 8 years, consults to the Osteopathic designated advisory team at Employsure and will soon help to facilitate a business focus group for Osteopathy Australia. Her personal mission is to connects allied health professionals through world-class leadership and education. 

Jade recently completed her prestigious Authentic Leadership Development program at Harvard University and is finishing her research in Clinical Leadership at Melbourne University.  She believes there is no greater time for us all to lead than now!

With a passion for helping others and vast knowledge Jade is a respected industry leader. Her strategies and pro-active measures, ‘A 5 Stage Strategy to Survive and Thrive’ has been implemented as valuable resource for small businesses during these testing times. 

IMPORTANT: This Cliniko webinar was presented on Monday, March 23, 2020. We are certain that the state of play will change in the days and weeks ahead. Please ensure you are keeping up to date with the latest information.

Jade chats with Cliniko on updates and innovations for Allied Health Professionals.

Some of the questions Jade asks:

What are the new initiative and advances that you have to offer existing clients/or potential clients to assist with telehealth and virtual consultations?

How quickly can this be set up?

Can you register even if you are not a current Cliniko user?

Can you still get access to TELEHEALTH ONLY and keep using your existing patient notes and booking software?


Jade Scott - GrowthRx Host & Founder

Jade has reinvented the traditional ‘fee-for-service’ model, and has worked with over 135 clinics and 500 plus practitioners to successfully implement a new award wage system.

Anna Samios - Strategic Business Planning

Anna is an internationally renowned ‘Scaling Up Mentor’, and Worldwide Senior Executive Advisor and Business Coach to over 250+ Global Companies.

Kevin Finnan - Business strategy, management and innovation

Kevin is the principal Osteopath, owner and director of 3 multi-disciplinary clinics in Sydney that combined serve approx 1,200 patients weekly. 


Andrea Robertson - Digital Marketing and 'getting ahead'

Andrea is an entrepreneur and Wellness Influencer extraordinaire, Osteopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist, ex-professional dancer, Barre, Yoga & Pilates Instructor.

Kamara Wagstaff - Allied Health Bookkeeping

MYOB Innovator of the year award winner and owner of Infinity Business Solutions, Kamara is an Allied Health Bookkeeping Specialist and Senior Certified Consultant for MYOB Australia.

Could this be you or someone you know?

We’re always looking for inspiring and motivating professionals in Allied Health. Are you a leader, speaker or an Allied Health professional who enjoys educating and connecting the Allied Health field? Let us know!

Brett Weiner - Leading the way in practitioner health & wellbeing and positive change.

Leader of the Osteopathy Australia ‘Caring For The Clinician Program’ – an allied health well-being framework and intervention strategy that is soon to extend into general medicine all over Australia. 

Connect with Brett on LinkedIn

Sarena Jones - Leading the way in business entrepreneurship and thought leadership.

When it comes to female leadership in allied health, Sarena is a unicorn. She is an occupational therapist with extensive experience working in both Australia [where she now resides] and the UK.

Connect with Sarena on LinkedIn

Michael Rizk - Leading the way in positive change and thought leadership.

Let’s just call him the ‘Gary Vee’ of Allied Health! Michael has a passion for driving others to succeed in private practice, especially when it comes to the expectations of new graduates in the early stages of their careers. 

Connect with Michael on LinkedIn

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From ‘Good To GREAT’!

An intensive training day for Allied Health Practitioners & Clinic Owners.

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 GrowthRx Main Stage will connect Australia’s allied health professionals through world-class leadership.

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