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Employment Workshops – How To Successfully Navigate Your Business Through The ATO’s Upcoming Employment Contracting Law Changes

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has you and your small business square in their sights, and you’ve got to be prepared for these changes. Fair Work Ombudsman, Sarah Parker has recently supported comments by the ATO Commissioner, Chris Jordan, to further clarity and define the ongoing grey areas between Contractor and Employee (see link). She sees this as a ‘major issue’’ for the work place watchdog. This is in light of the FWO’s small business helpline sourcing over 33,000 call a year.

The harsh reality is that the ATO sees the fact that you sub-contract your associates as a version of an “employee agreement” NOT a sub-contractor agreement. In fact, the ATO calls these “Sham-Contracts”.

The detailed course covers important decisions you need to make now to ensure your business strengthens over the next 90 days. We also have Senior Human Relations Advisor at Employsure, Bradley Walsh, available on the day to answer questions relating to those outside my scope of practice. Our ongoing affiliation with employsure ensures that our advice is current and aligning with Government standards.

 – Adjusting your business strategy in uncertain times

– Fostering continuity of ‘team’

– Eliminating toxic contractor culture and mindsets

– Communication and transparency to ensure your workplace remains strong

– Understanding your long term business, cashflow and security needs

– The settling or restructuring of bonuses and incentives, whilst ensuring your team still feel valued and appreciated

– Developing a career pathway that promotes retention and encourages professional development

– Updates on Allied Health Professionals Award and HR implications

– Assistance with implementation and payroll

– Options for ongoing business coaching, professional mentoring and advice

– HR, employment law, and Q & A with Senior Partner Brad Walsh from Employsure

Meet Our Founder and Allied Health’s Fearless Leader – Jade Scott

Jade Scott is a leading identity within Australia’s allied health community who has mentors practitioners at every stage of their career. Having successfully established a number of osteopathy clinics in Victoria, known collectively as Western Region Health, Jade recognised an opportunity to create meaningful change and innovation within the Allied Health Industry.

Jade championed a reinvention of the traditional ‘fee for service’ model that currently supports the income 35 staff an a payroll of over 1.3 million. With this in mind, she has been at the forefront of the corona virus threat. Her knowledge extends across all remuneration platforms from employment, contractors, rental agreements and sole traders and HR implications that may affect most. 

Jade’s expertise lies in business consulting and strategic implementation. She specialises in cultural change and has supported over 135 Private Practices and another 500+ Osteopaths through her post-graduate education and courses. She was also a lecturer at Victoria University for 8 years, consults to the Osteopathic designated advisory team at Employsure and will soon help to facilitate a business focus group for Osteopathy Australia. Her personal mission is to connects allied health professionals through world-class leadership and education. 

Jade recently completed her prestigious Authentic Leadership Development program at Harvard University and is finishing her research in Clinical Leadership at Melbourne University.  She believes there is no greater time for us all to lead than now!

With a passion for helping others and vast knowledge Jade is a respected industry leader. Her strategies and pro-active measures, ‘A 5 Stage Strategy to Survive and Thrive’ has been implemented as valuable resource for small businesses during these testing times.