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GrowthRx Leaders

In recognition of their valuable contributions to Allied Health community and profession.

Meet Our GrowthRx Leaders

Heath Williams - Osteopath

Heath currently lectures Exercise Prescription/Rehabilitation at Victoria University and is a sessional lecturer at Southern Cross University. Heath also consults as IME (Worksafe Victoria) and is an assessor for Australian Osteopathic Accreditation Council.

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Michelle Bergeron - Physiotherapist

Leading the way in education, voluntary service and rehabilitation.
Through her vast experience teaching seminars for allied health professionals, together with her work at The Australian Ballet and Melbourne Football Club.

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Dr Nic Lucas - Osteopath

A globally revered keynote speaker, coach and consultant, he has sold millions of dollars of online courses, physical products and software. He is also an Amazon Best Selling Author and launched a Number 1 podcast on iTunes.

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Stephen King - Osteopath & Physio

Through global courses, online education, and a ripping podcast, Stephen has trained over 5000+ professionals around the world to achieve better patient outcomes using their incredible evidence – based treatment, and objective data method

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Luke Nelson - Chiropractor

Luke is forever giving up his time to educate and mentor others; he has a huge smile and an even bigger personality. Humble in his approach, he is always looking to shift credit to his wonderful colleagues.

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Brendan Mouatt - Exercise Physiologist

Brendan is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and Director at The Biomechanics Clinical Practice in Melbourne, an educator and director at The Knowledge Exchange and a researcher at The Body in Mind Research Group at UniSA in Adelaide, Australia.

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Michelle Funder - Osteopath

President of Osteopathy Australia. With a natural flare for public speaking, Michelle has been a valuable representative on the OA Conference Panel and at the RMIT Health Awards.

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Peter Flynn - Physiotherapist

Peter is an award-winning business owner and actively involved in postgraduate education as a clinic mentor and support for many graduates as they transition into private practice.

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Raj Suppiah – Physiotherapist
Co-Founder and Director of Foundation Physiotherapy & Wellness. Raj has worked with athletes of all levels across the world and was a lead medical practitioner for the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games.

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Recent blog entries by GRx Leaders

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Finding Hope

While hope is an undoubtedly personal experience and one that can be challenging to define, the value and positive impact hope can have on human life is widely recognised and difficult to ignore.

GRx Leader Criteria

Our leaders are recognised for their valuable contributions to Allied Health
and have met the following 5 GRx Leadership Criteria.


They have passion for inspiring others and igniting positive change through authentic leadership.


They see the value in connecting allied health professionals so we can grow collectively to do better and be better.


They have a genuine desire to empower and help others through offering meaningful service.


They have information worth knowing. The leader is a recognised professional in either business or health.


They’re an experienced public speaker and can engage live audiences to deliver a clear message and educate others.

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