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Finding Hope

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Brett Wiener

Finding hope… a core construct that is powerful at a time like this.

While hope is an undoubtedly personal experience and one that can be challenging to define, the value and positive impact hope can have on human life is widely recognised and difficult to ignore.

We often speak about hope strengthening our resolve and accompanying us even in our darkest hours; guiding us through seemingly desperate circumstances.

Hope helps us remain committed to our goals and motivated to take action towards achieving for the better. Hope gives us a reason to continue fighting and believing that their current circumstances will improve, despite the unpredictable nature of our current situation.

Hope is like a snap-shot of a person’s current goal-directed thinking, highlighting the motivated pursuit of goals and the expectation that those goals can be achieved. At this moment, all of our goals need to shift and protect everyone – ourselves, our families, our communities and our teams we lead. We have a shared responsibility as leaders right now. Don’t look at this as a tsunami that will destroy us – we are all in a position to positively impact the world – take it as an opportunity to do so – to lead with compassion, grittiness and determination.

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Brett Wiener,
Director at Osteopathy Australia


Brett Wiener

Contributed by Brett Wiener

Director at Osteopathy Australia

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