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You’ve been nominated as a GRx Leader! Because someone thinks you’re Worth Knowing.

As a GRx Leader you have the opportunity to contribute worth knowing information with our community of allied health professionals across the world.

What is GrowthRx?

GrowthRx is a platform that connects allied health professionals. We focus on sharing connections and valuable information worth knowing in allied health. We aim to be the go-to platform for Allied Health professionals to discover, connect and grow through world-class leadership, events and education.

Your nomination means that a fellow industry peer believes you meet the 5 GRx Leadership Criteria – which can broadly be described as passion, connection, service, knowledge, and sharing. You can find out more information about the GRx Leadership Criteria below.

As a GRx Leader, you’ll have the opportunity to share your unique insights with the rapidly expanding GrowthRx community!

You have been nominated as a GRx leader because someone thinks you’re:

Worth Knowing

You deserve to be recognised for your ongoing contributions to allied health leadership and education

Making Positive Change

There is nothing more infectious than making a positive change in people’s lives and you have been said to live and breathe positive change.

Leading With Impact

You’re a leader in Allied Health and have been said to have a genuine desire to empower others through authentic leadership.

As a GRx Leader you’d be



Be featured in front of over 3000 allied health professionals


Gain new connections and followers through being showcased! 


Opportunity to enter into speaking at Main Stage!


Have your content distributed across 6+ marketing platforms!

Accept your nomination to be considered.

Being nominated as a GRx Leader means someone has recognised you for your valuable commitment, dedication, and passion for allied health leadership. 

Now that you’ve been nominated, you have the ability to accept your nomination as a GRx Leader.

If you are an approved leader you will need to contribute towards the GrowthRx community including:

– 2-3 original long-form blogs
– Participating in the discussions on the GRx social platforms
– Sharing your biography and feature photo with GrowthRx
– Being respectful towards the GrowthRx community

If you are an approved GRx leader you will also have the opportunity to submit a proposal to speak on The GRx Main Stage. This unique event brings together 12 speakers, with 12 minutes each. Imagine a TED talk series specifically designed for allied health!

Simply fill out the form to accept, and welcome to the GrowthRx community! 

Nominated as a rising-star? Don’t forget to complete the entry criteria. To find out more visit the rising-star page! 

Meet Our 2020 GRx Rising-Star Finalists

Over the past few months GrowthRx have been observing, watching and searching for the next ‘up-and-coming’ leaders in healthcare. After months of competitive nominations, these incredible emerging leaders have joined our short-list of inspiring young individuals ‘worth knowing’ in allied health.

We are proud to introduce you to this year's finalists, and their passion for helping others...

Louise Bibby - Founder of Osteo Sports Network, Osteopath, and Business Owner

After suffering a serious knee injury of her own, Louise now dedicates a great deal of her practising time to sports injury management and rehabilitation, injury prevention, strength and conditioning coaching, junior development programs, and sports training and mentoring.

Louise 'thrives on building strong trusting relationships with her patients.’ With energy to spare, she strives to find solutions, get results, and provide care in a way that makes all of her patients feel thoroughly cared for. She is the first Advance Sports Osteopath in Australia, and her energy for inspiring others is infectious. 


Jeff Rufila - Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Educator, Mentor, and Podcaster

Jeff is passionate about contributing to a world of curious and critically thinking practitioners within an ever-changing health industry.

He has a collaborative approach that guides patients towards better choices. Jeff’s hope is to facilitate independence; ‘to empowers clients to return to a meaningful and purposeful life.’ He is an inspiring mentor to many, and uses his popular podcast to share his message with the allied health community. 

Jacquelin Wallis - Interstate Team Leader, Sports Chiropractor, and Pilates Instructor

Jacquelin’s primary interests are in chronic pain management, migraines, sporting injuries and family health.' She loves to help guide, advise and inspire clients towards better health.

She is passionate about finding ‘the cause of an injury or pain, so she can help get to the bottom of the issue.’

Through her love for Pilates, Jacqueline promotes quality movement and function to help patients perform at their best. She is a respected team leader and admired by her colleagues.  

Andrew Timos - Strength & Conditioning Coach, Osteopath, and Educator

A long history of competitive, mixed martial arts training has fueled Andrew’s interest in the human body and exercise. This passion has led him to study exercise science, strength & conditioning, and more recently, Osteopathy.

His love for pushing the boundaries has inspired him to challenge the concepts of enhanced exercise performance, injury management and rehabilitation. He now passes this knowledge on through leading industry seminars, courses and coaching. 

Yves Silveria - Sports & Musculoskeletal Physio, Corporate Wellness Facilitator, and Business Owner

Yves has a passion for teaching 'the next generation of allied students to be the best that they can be.'

He is the mastermind behind an international internship that has overseen more than 60 physiotherapy students in the past 5 years. He is excited to grow this vision and mentor many more in the future. He is already well known and respected amongst his peers, and is destined for greatness. 

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