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How To Successfully Take your Business to the Next Level.

  • Model The Way

  • Inspire A Shared Vision

  • Challenge The Process

  • Enable Others To Act

  • Values Based Leadership


Whether you like it or not, there are some huge changes coming to the private healthcare industry. 

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has small business square in their sights, and you’ve got to be prepared for these changes.

The harsh reality is that the ATO sees some contract models as a version of “employment” and NOT sub-contractor agreements. 

In fact, the ATO calls these “Sham Contracts”.

This presents a very real problem for thousands of clinics around Australia.

Don’t believe it?

Ask the three allied health clinics that have just settled out of court in 2020 for cases brought against them for back-paid superannuation claims.

Whether you are employing already, or looking to move away from a contractor model, two things are clear – 

The next generation of practitioners want a secure income and a culture that focuses on great leadership, mentoring and professional growth.

After talking with 500+ clinic owners over the past 4 years, there are several daunting thoughts and questions that are immediately faced when trying to establish a career pathway, direction and vision for the future.

  • How and where do I even begin with this?
  • What does a successful career pathway look like?
  • What are MY rights as the clinic owner?
  • How can I make sure I don’t lose money with poorly performing associates?
  • How can I plan my clinic for a more secure future?
  • How and when should I employ new staff?
  • How do I introduce measurable KPIs without losing my team?

And these are only a few of the questions we get!


Thankfully, there is a solution!

Your concerns have been heard before, and dealt with over the past 4 years within several highly successful clinics in Australia.

We understand the upcoming changes to the law and exactly what you need to do about it, and (literally) remove 99% of the stress, cost and hassle of “switching” from sub-contractor to employment models in your clinic.

For those clinics already employing, we know how to support you in implementing a model that inspires team performance, improves team culture, incentivised beyond financial bonuses, and promotes clinic growth. 

Can you do this by yourself?

Sure. We did.

But it will come at a significant cost to you in time and management errors.

Our job is to eliminate some of the STRESS, reduce your WORK LOAD, and ensure that you don’t make the same MISTAKES we did.

TIME IS THE NEW RICH, and this model will fast-track you to get more of it! Not to mention, a process by which you can strategically plan and track your revenue so you can make better, more informed business decisions.

Emerge from this as a stronger clinic & better leader.

We’ve done the “employment thing” successfully for years, and helped a LOT of clinics succeed in this framework, and we’re confident that we can help you navigate these changes, while becoming a better clinic.


“Innovation and determination coupled with years of experience have played a part in Jade becoming an industry leader.

The Practice Growth Workshop gave us an excellent foundation and foray into a world ‘beyond the subcontractor’. Jade knows how to cultivate a successful team of employee’s and takes this understanding into running an extremely thorough program with practical implementation.

Her attention to detail is next level. No stone is left unturned and support is aplenty at every stage throughout and beyond. If you’re serious about operating your business as a ‘real business’,  this course will set you on the right path as well as save you lots of time and $$”

Simon Nawrocki

Focus Health

“I having been working closely with Jade over the last 8 months. Over that period, I have found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, patient and supportive. Not only has she helped to transform me into a better businessman, I am a better person following her advice.  Jade helped to grow my business [and future] enormously. 

Her perspective and insights were extremely valuable. and here course is a MUST-do event for EVERYONE in allied health business. Its more than a course, it is about leadership, culture, motivation and being better along all aspects of the journey.

Highly recommend. 11/10!”

Dean Holzer

Osteopathy on Canterbury

“Jade has a strong unwavering passion for her professional work, her business and mentoring others.

Through tried and tested methods in practice management, growth, leadership and success, she has developed an admirable platform for her employees and staff to thrive. Her business model has set a benchmark in the allied health industry.

Her devoted approach to mentoring others and supporting teams is simply selfless. Her concepts, approach and delivery helps others develop their own endeavours with confidence and clarity. There is no one better in private practice coaching and I am proud to call her my life-long mentor.”

Louise Bibby

Central Mallee Osteopathy & Founder of Osteo Sports Network

Practice GrowthRx

‘More Than Just A Business Course.’ 


What do you get?

You’re getting over a decade of solid and 20+ documents handed to you on a platter, to make all aspects of ‘Practice Growth’ as seamless as possible, including:

1. Automated Calculation Spreadsheet

(This one single document alone is worth the entire course fee)

  • Helps establish an achievable career pathway for your team
  • Can be used to assess the performance of existing practitioners to determine which Award Level is applicable, should you decide to change their remuneration model
  • Allows you to calculate and predict minimum patient numbers needed to sustain award wages
  • Allows you to calculate incentive target KPIs to help employees with valuable reflection and encourage career growth
  • Provides a quick and easy overview  employee expenses in relation to clinic revenue
  • Helps eliminate financial risk by projecting employee costs and annual revenue predictors. The spreadsheets and resources provided ensures the model is a viable option for your current business or future vision. 

2. Practical Examples Using The Spreadsheet


  • Full description and explanation of how to use the spreadsheet
  • Practical examples using your own data
  • Group breakout discussions and peer support
  • Revision of current employment awards

3. Practice Management Tutorials & Bonuses

While we understand that all clinics are different, there are several things that we believe all clinics should understand, especially if transitioning to an employee model, these include:

  • A bonus structure agreement form to accompany your employment contracts
  • Complimentary productivity lists and google form surveys to help motivate your team
  • Current evidence and trends on delivering constructive feedback, incentivise your team and staff retention

BONUS one hour one-on-one course view with Jade Scott at completion of the course to ensure you are confident moving forward. This will support you in your first pay run using the new spreadsheets.

Our job is to remove the headaches, uncertainty and stress surrounding clinic growth and employment. We will help you build the solid foundations to a strong, profitable future in private practice. 

Our tried and tested model has now helped 150+ clinics owners regain control and start profiting from their business.

We WILL save you a fortune in errors/mistakes.

What about payroll?


YES, we’ve got that covered too!

The workshop comes with all calculation spreadsheets and explanations required to run the figures through payroll and implement the new incentives model.

We show you how these can be used to effectively and safely grow your business.  

Automated Calculation Spreadsheets And Additional Forms Include:

  • Remuneration calculation spreadsheet
  • Fortnightly payroll calculation spreadsheet
  • Holiday leave spreadsheet
  • Patient numbers spreadsheet
  • Cancellation rate spreadsheet
  • Rebooking rate spreadsheet
  • New patient register example
  • Leave request form

Our job is to provide you with all the tools necessary to support healthy business growth, a total remuneration restructure, or change in direction.

But – the biggest benefits you will gain are the foundations to create a vision, and the ability to CONTROL your clinic and your FUTURE.

It’s liberating! 

Enrol now and find out why so many clinic owners are moving towards this model today.

A Word From Workshop Presenter – Jade Scott

The spreadsheet and content that you are purchasing in Workshops 2 and 3 reflect years of challenges, revisions, sleepless nights and personal wins.  

Almost a decade ago I started my journey to revolutionize the ‘Fee for Service’ culture and lack of career progression amongst some of the Allied Health Industries.  

It once seemed that the only way to ‘get ahead’ so to speak, was to open your own clinic. If we wanted to make more money, or be worth more than just the time we spent using our hands, something had to change. 

To be able to provide my team with a guaranteed income independant of patient numbers, employment was inevitable.

Whether we like it or not, the laws that govern push us in a direction towards remuneration guarantees for staff. More than ever, with such a volatile stock market and unpredictable economy, more and more people are looking for financial security.  

As a business owner, I felt it was my duty of care to provide this. After years of amendments, I am proud to be able to deliver a model that helps promote wage stability. I must add, being able to finally make decisions in the best interests of my business without fear of blurring the line between Constractor Vs Employees was also very refreshing.  

My passion for the Allied Health Industry has fueled my love for Business Coaching and helping people take their businesses to the next level. After all, the ultimate goal is to spend more time with our loved ones and less time at work, whilst still being able to afford to enjoy life. I hope achieving this possibility resonates with you as much as it does me. I now have the luxury of working because I want to, not because I have to.  

Given limited numbers, we hope you can appreciate that places are currently restricted to one person per business. Discounted tickets for a business partner or accompanying staff member may become an option closer to the event once final numbers can be confirmed. If this is something that interests you, please email a request to and we will add you to the wait list.  

It should be noted that it is your responsibility to liaise with Employsure/Legal Personnel regarding Employment Contacts and Insurances that relate to employment.  

You will also be required to sign a waiver acknowledging that you understand that I am not an accountant and that it is your responsibility to seek advice from your financial advisors as to whether the calculations achieved during the workshop are aligned with your financial requirements.  

I am very much looking forward to working with you… Lets do this!

Book your place now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I should only enrol in workshop 2, or enrol in both workshops?
If you are serious about employing Allied Health Professionals or making the change across from a current Subcontractor model then we definitely recommend doing both Workshops.

Workshop 2 is focuses on determining whether you can financially sustain the patient numbers needed to achieve the Award Based Salaries and is a perfect introduction to incentivising staff. Our invaluable Calculation spreadsheet offered in this Workshop will save your hours of time and money. It facilitates setting KPIs for your employees and a Career Pathway to assist in staff retention and getting the best out of them long term.

Once this is established, Workshop 3 provides you with in depth examples and spreadsheets necessary to implement this change through Payroll, tracking your KPI and Clinic Statistics to increase profit, and BONUS Business Coaching with both Jade Scott and Naomi Hill to assist with the smooth transition of this process.

How do I know if I’m blurring the line between subcontractor & employee?
We always ask these two questions:

1) Does the subcontractor have their own business cards in the front reception in their business name or in fact are they using your business email address and their cards are in fact your business cards with their names on it? (.i.e. If I was seeing your business is it… or

2. When I pay for services do I pay at the front reception or directly to the sub contractor? Most likely it’s the front reception.

With these two simple questions you can start to see how this blurs the line…

What is wrong with the current "subcontractor" model?
FWC guidelines states there are 57 different factors that determine the nature of the working relationship, We can help point you in the right direction to help you work out the nature of the relationship and assist with provisioning the right type of engagement.
If I enroll, and can't attend, what are the terms and conditions?
If you can’t attend, we will refund you 100% (minus 2.5% merchant fee), but we NEED at least 1 months notice for this to occur. Less than 1 months notice we will refund 50%.