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We need more “She-E-Os”

We need more “She-E-Os”

When a woman wants to progress in her career, her path is riddled with obstacles that a man simply will not face. In so many instances in history, we see the typical embodiment of a “leader” as someone who portrays ‘agentic’ traits…

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Upcoming Employment Workshop!
Employment Workshop Update.

To be announced soon. 

When the external environment shifts dramatically, it can be hard to know which direction is the right one. In this one-on-one session with Jade Scott you'll work through easing the pressure on you as a business owner.

The current pressure on business owners has forced us to find ‘an new normal’ and alter at a pace never seen before. The ability to see through this maze of uncertainty is a focus of the session. As well as how to effectively communicate these changes to your team, especially as novel pockets of growth become available.