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COVID-19 Finding gratitude uncertain times.

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Jade Scott, Leadership, Worth Knowing

Let this virus be our philosophical re-calibration.

Love, gratitude and connectivity have never been so important.

Let this time be hallmarked in history as the moment the world was ‘reset’ for the better.

A catalyst for positive change and a moment to reflect on what matters most.

Perhaps one day we will thank you Covid-19:

  • For allowing us to stay at home with our children.
  • For forcing Grandparents to master FaceTime and video technology.
  • For introducing us to new friends, acquaintances and support networks.
  • For returning humility to society.
  • For recalling how nice it was to dine in our favourite restaurant.
  • For the beautiful gardens we planted during isolation.
  • For pushing us to finally complete that online course or home renovation.
  • For Netflix, PlayStation, YouTube and comfortable couches
  • For prompting us to reminisce past holidays, air travel and happy memories.
  • For lowering our expectations and entitlement.
  • For emphasising the need to stay active and exercise.
  • For stimulating our growth mindset.
  • For encouraging us to protect our vulnerable and elderly.
  • For revolutionising the way we work remotely.
  • For triggering a virtual learning shift in our schools.
  • For empowering our front line health workers and essential services.
  • For teaching us the importance of human contact.
  • For bringing back the fresh air.
  • For letting the children of China finally see blue skies.
  • For teaching us to fight harder than we ever knew possible.
  • For making us put our health and the health of others first.
  • For bringing compassion front of mind.
  • For giving us a moment of calm amongst the chaos.
  • For stopping the ‘busy’ and making us present again.
  • For finding new opportunities and innovations we might never have considered.
  • For igniting empathetic leadership around the globe.
  • For the gift of unity.

When we reflect on this crisis in the future, my hope is that these words are true. That we can thank Covid-19, for being the best ‘reset button’ the world has ever seen; for giving us the most important job we will ever have — to save lives. 🙏🏻

Sending much love to those who are suffering, struggling, putting themselves at risk in essential services, or on the front line protecting the ones we love… ❤️

In Growth and Support,

Jade xx

Jade Scott

Contributed by Jade Scott

Jade Scott is a leading identity within Australia’s allied health community. Having successfully established a number of osteopathy clinics in Victoria Jade recognised an opportunity to create meaningful change and innovation within the Allied Health Industry.

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