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Leading When You Find Yourself In Limbo

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Jade Scott, Leadership, Worth Knowing

Leading When You Find Yourself in Limbo.

Sitting in idle does not mean you aren’t going anywhere, it means you are ready to take off when the lights turn green.’
We all appreciate the value of strong leadership, but in times like these, but it is a ‘lack of’ leadership that stands out the most. People are desperate for guidance and direction, through clear and concise communication. We want to know we are in safe hands and that we can trust those responsible to make the right calls. It’s not easy being the calm, deliberate voice amongst the chaos. Making decisions are hard enough let alone in this rapidly changing climate.
Here are 5 things you can do to help you step up and lead when you find yourself in limbo.


1. Think yourself a leader.

Stop looking for reasons and start looking within. Be courageous. Stay informed. This does not mean push yourself to burnout. You must put yourself first otherwise you are no good to anyone. And I don’t mean in a selfish way, rather the opposite — because you know the value you can offer when you are charged! As Arianna Huffington says, ‘There is a reason flight attendants are trained to put their oxygen mask on first’. Practice crisis care. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes. Re-frame your vital needs. Give yourself permission to stop, take a breath, go for a walk or rest. Your mental clarity and self-awareness is just as important as your physical health.


2. Celebrate the wins.

Champion your successes. Avoid obsessing over what is going wrong. Focus only on what you can control. During unprecedented times the goal posts are moving constantly. Be agile with your actions, but deliberate in your intent. Respond accordingly and empower others to lead. Embrace responsibility but know your limits. You cannot be everything to everyone.


3. Be pragmatic, but human.

Business as usual no longer exists. It is not overzealous to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Things aren’t just changing, they are totally different. That means people need to grieve. Remind yourself of what matters. Make your priorities a priority. Delegate — lean on your team. Ask for help, but more importantly, let others help. People are desperate to play a useful role. Shift your focus and your mindset towards growth. By removing pressure, you can diversify and explore opportunities without the need to overachieve. You don’t need to capitalise on crisis; surviving right now is a success in itself.


4. Practice compassionate directness.
Over communicate. Check in with people. Provide regular updates. Understand the dissonance others feel and offer empathy first. Share the load. Foster resilience. Everyone has a different story. Be authentic. Be real… Because showing vulnerability is showing humility. This is not a time for virtue signalling; simple acts of kindness are contagious too.

5. Above all, stay connected.

Invest in your relationships. Build support networks. Make people feel safe and significant during their most insecure moments. Be present. Listen. Bring out the best in people and encourage others to try things they never would have never thought possible. Be the glue that unites your community. Educate yourself and teach others. Learn. Connect. Reflect.


Leading when you are in limbo does not mean you have to be 100% certain; it is having the courage to act during the most uncertain times. Step up, show up, and others will too. Be a voice, not an echo; a comforting face amongst the unknown. Be brave enough to make the first move, and strong enough to see it through. Limbo is where the best leaders thrive, because it is where the foundations of the future are built. 


In Growth,

Jade Scott

Jade Scott

Contributed by Jade Scott

Jade Scott is a leading identity within Australia’s allied health community. Having successfully established a number of osteopathy clinics in Victoria Jade recognised an opportunity to create meaningful change and innovation within the Allied Health Industry.

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