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Moving Beyond Limbo

by | May 13, 2020 | Jade Scott

Last week I had the pleasure of appearing on Allied Health TV in the UK to help inspire leadership and momentum in times when others find themselves in limbo.

Thank you Steven Bruce, Claire Short & The Academy of Physical Medicine for inviting me.

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Experiencing the emotions triggered by the Covid-19 crisis is important; no one is denying the need for others to grieve, but growth is a crucial part of life.

Consistency is the secret weapon to surviving this next phase.

To move ‘beyond limbo’ we need to embrace a growth mindset. Now is the time to find your feet. No one is exempt of this economic disruption. The solution is to start moving forward, at whatever pace you are comfortable.

Pace is individual… momentum is universal.

Covid-19 Steps To Recovery:

Stage 1 – Denial
Stage 2 – Accept
Stage 3 – Plan & Prepare
Stage 4 – Limbo & Leadership
Stage 5 – Action & Survive
Stage 6 – Momentum & Opportunity
Stage 7 – Recalibration & A New Normal
Stage 8 – Restore & Thrive

Most people find themselves somewhere between 4-6 right now.

Stage 4 is where the great leaders of our time will shine.

Stage 7 and 8 are impossible for some amidst the unknown.

Stage 6 is becoming more realistic, and a reasonable position for most. It is where we all want to be.

We all appreciate the value of strong leadership, but in times like these it is a ‘lack of’ leadership that stands out the most. People are desperate for guidance and direction, through clear and concise communication. We want to know we are in safe hands and that we can trust those responsible to make the right calls. It’s not easy being the calm, deliberate voice amongst the chaos. Making decisions are hard enough let alone in this rapidly changing climate.

Here are 5 things you can do to step up and lead when you find yourself in limbo. 

“Leading when you are in limbo does not mean you have to be 100% certain; it is having the courage to act during the most uncertain times. Step up, show up, and others will too. Be a voice, not an echo; a comforting face amongst the unknown. Be brave enough to make the first move, and strong enough to see it through. Limbo is where the best leaders thrive, because it is where the foundations of the future are built.”

Jade Scott

Contributed by Jade Scott

Jade Scott is a leading identity within Australia’s allied health community. Having successfully established a number of osteopathy clinics in Victoria Jade recognised an opportunity to create meaningful change and innovation within the Allied Health Industry.

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